Country houses Scotland

September 8, 2022
Country house hotels in Fife

Inverallan nation home, Scottish HighlandsRead on for self-catering country houses suitable for the bigger team, for very long or short breaks in Scotland.

Many country estates, manors and mansions in Scotland have excellent possibilities for outside tasks. Scotland is a reasonably sparsely populated nation, and therefore lots of places in Scotland basically great for country activities. In some locations there are great options for salmon fishing plus. Look-through the important points and obtain touching proprietors or companies to find out just what activities for large groups are organized on houses that interest you. It might be possible to go clay pigeon shooting for instance or your inclination could be to go hiking when you look at the Scottish hills.

kitchenThere are numerous amazing elements of Scotland to see. If you are planning away included in a hen or stag team for instance you might want to discover a home where there's some nightlife close by, most likely near a town or city with bars or restaurants. While, if for example the self catering break is actually for a big family members reunion or business break, you might want to hire a sizable household in a remote place where you are able to move away from everything. Do allow owners or agencies know whenever getting into touch towards variety of break you are searching for. Some welcome bookings for party vacations like whereas other individuals will likely not permit hen or stag parties.

Please click photos shown to see information on each household. Extra self-catering holiday rentals and enormous country homes in Scotland plus in various other nations in britain can be seen utilizing the Feature Pages selection regarding the right.

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Indoor heated share

4 bedroom Country House, The Scottish Borders.

Four bed room high-quality country vacation house or apartment with fantastic views associated with the nearby country and a large garden, family-friendly or over to 2 pet dogs welcome.

Unique features: no-cost net accessibility.

Cost range from £550 to £1250 each week
Rests from 1 to 8 people in 4 bedrooms
Range restrooms: 2
Pet Friendly: Yes (2 dogs welcome)
Rating: maybe not assessed

47 click to email owner more details >

6 bedroom Big Nation Home, Scotland.

Large Scottish country house with 6 bedrooms and appealing gardens, located amongst breathtaking countryside close to the village of Glamis, shows consist of a snooker room, a piano and games including ping pong and dining table baseball, more fun is on offer in your area with fishing, walking, biking and also skiing feasible close by in season.

Unique functions: no-cost net access, games area.

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Self-catering Estate Lodge in a remote setting Rosemount nation home Self-catering Traditional Grand shooting Lodge when you look at the Highlands Greenswangs Country home

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Scotland House of Aigas
Scotland House of Aigas
Chipperkyle Country House - Luxury 4* Country House B&B in
Chipperkyle Country House - Luxury 4* Country House B&B in ...
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