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September 13, 2022
#3 Houses In Girvan Scotland

residential property in Barnton, EdinburghImage copyright Richard Webb Image caption More than half of Scottish domiciles that moved for longer than £1m in the first 50 % of this season were located in Edinburgh

The sheer number of domiciles offered for at the least £1m in Scotland features significantly more than doubled in a-year, according to a brand new report.

The Bank of Scotland discovered 111 top-end properties were offered in the 1st 50 % of 2015 - weighed against 43 in the same duration this past year.

Edinburgh saw the largest enhance, now is the reason 57percent of million lb sales in Scotland.

The razor-sharp increase in Scotland was in stark comparison to the uk as a whole, which saw product sales fall by 11%.

The financial institution of Scotland based its report on data from Registers of Scotland.

  • East Lothian 9
  • Aberdeen City 8
  • East Renfrewshire 4
  • Glasgow City 4


Edinburgh led just how north of the edge with 63 sales - up from 21 in the 1st half of 2014.

Next highest places were East Lothian with nine seven-figure product sales, Aberdeen with eight and East Renfrewshire and Glasgow, where there have been four each.

Four council areas - East Renfrewshire, Glasgow, South Ayrshire and Southern Lanarkshire - went from having no million-pound sales in 2014 to three or four in the first half of this year.

London still accounts for over fifty percent of million-pound home product sales in the UK, with 3, 703 in the 1st half of 2015.

Bank of Scotland economist Nitesh Patel stated: "product sales south for the border might have been impacted by the brand new Stamp Duty prices final December, while the comparable Land and Building Transaction taxation came into force for Scottish homebuyers only in April."

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First Minister unveils Scotland House
First Minister unveils Scotland House
House prices in Scotland stall
House prices in Scotland stall
EASTEND (Abandoned House / Mansion) Our Haunted Scotland
EASTEND (Abandoned House / Mansion) Our Haunted Scotland ...
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