Prime location Edinburgh

June 22, 2023
Beautifully decorated modern

Hotel Missoni

Resort missoni

The Italian fashion dynasty, Missoni, features created this luxury resort situated nearby the historical Royal Mile. Relax in its magnificent spaces which have been elegantly furnished to the finest quality. Make the most of your experience if you take advantage of their sublime Cucina and spa services. Their particular staff of staff offer a seamless service.

1 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1AD

+44 (0)131 220 6666



TigerlilyStanding in Edinburgh's many stylish and sought-after district, with an appealing George Street postcode, Tigerlily has actually all you desire from a town boutique resort. Featuring perfectly-formed and furnished areas including an exceptional in-house club and club - life is not lifeless here.

125 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 4JN

+44 (0)131 225 5005


The glasshouse

Relax when you look at the lavender-scented roof yard or even the patio of the 5-star resort housed in a 150-year old church. It really is fantastic design and inviting atmosphere result in the Glasshouse the perfect place for a weekend getaway.

2 Greenside Spot, Edinburgh EH1 3AA

+44 (0)131 525 8200


Nira caledonia

Nira Caledonia seamlessly blends luxurious chic with contemporary convenience. It boasts impeccable service, cosy areas and a traditional Scottish restaurant in a prime place for witnessing Edinburgh.

10 Gloucester Put, Edinburgh EH3 6EF

+44 (0)131 225 2720


The Glasshouse Nira Caledonia

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Plots of Land for SAle in Tigoni Limuru
Plots of Land for SAle in Tigoni Limuru
Plot of Land for Sale.
Plot of Land for Sale.
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