Property Developments Scotland

May 3, 2023
Cornerstone Property

Rhu, Helensburgh, G84 8NGPrice on Application

4.6 Miles

  • Developing Opportunity
  • Views over Rhu Bay and Firth of Clyde
  • Preliminary Preparation Conversations happened
  • Has B indexed Club
  • Roughly 1.86ha

16.3 - 61.5

  • Development web site with Planning Permission in Principle for 490 homes a
  • Cleared brownfield land extending to a complete of approx. 24.9 ha / 61.5
  • Convenient commuter location approx. 9 kilometers from Edinburgh City Centr
  • Offers welcomed when it comes to site in three lots or all together


  • Landmark Developing Chance
  • Views over Queens Park
  • Site includes 1 detailed building
  • Designated as Residential and Help Uses
  • Approx 9.5 acres

Land off Old Liston Road, Edinburgh, EH28 8SJ cost on Application


  • Residential development opportunity
  • Huge regeneration task on Renfrew Waterfront
  • Masterplan approved for redevelopment of Ferry Village
  • Adjacent to intu Braehead and rise
  • Website also includes roughly 14 miles


  • Site expanding to a gross area of 9.31ha (23 acres)
  • Net developable section of 6.94ha (17.17 acres)
  • Allocated site with overview preparation permission


  • Greenfield land extending to approx. 12.0 miles (4.86 ha)
  • Developing prospect of around 100 homes, subject to consents
  • Recognized as a favored housing area within the recommended FIFEplan
  • Appealing edge-of-village setting in a rural settlement

Land north of Loudoun Street, Stewarton, KA3 5LG Guide Cost £3, 000, 000


  • 6.94 miles (2.8 ha) domestic development website
  • Advantages from planning consent in theory
  • Totally serviced website
  • Excellent transport backlinks from City Centre
  • Element of a mixed use development


  • Greenfield land extending to an overall total of approx. 22.5 miles / 9.11 ha
  • Appealing tree-lined grounds of historic Broich home in outlying locati
  • Website allocated for mixed-use development within local adopted LDP
  • Development possibility of a selection of uses including domestic
  • Features welcomed the web site in 2 lots or all together


  • Potential development for over 64 homes
  • Planning permission in principle approved
  • Appealing edge-of-village environment in desirable rural settlement
  • Six miles from Dunfermline

Guide Cost £1, 500, 000


  • Consented resi development site extending to approx 10.7 acres/4.3ha
  • Detailed PP for 71 three / four-bed detached & semi detached
  • Attractive household housing land in preferred commuter location
  • Dataroom available containing comprehensive site information

Land north of Cairneyhill Road, Cairneyhill, KY12 8YS Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1DA

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