Rental homes in Scotland

January 17, 2023
Buy, Sell A Home

Woman considering homes in an estate agents in Edinburgh. David Cheskin/PA WireWoman examining houses in an estate representatives in Edinburgh. David Cheskin/PA Wire Photo: David Cheskin/PA

One hundred years ago landlords saw the outbreak regarding the first world war as an opportunity to profiteer from their renters. Exactly what observed had been a defining occasion in Scottish politics: the women of Glasgow,

Today, after years without controls, I’m delighted your Scottish government has pledged to legislate for rent controls in its programme for government. However these should be real and meaningful, and handle the severe housing problem we face. Better housing is significant element of a better culture; it really is difficult to see how we could enhance people’s health, better educate our children and have a fairer and much more equal economy when we fail to offer folks good houses.

There is a definitive move in housing, from local authorities to rich landlords being the primary providers. 1 / 3 regarding the council homes distributed below market cost by Thatcher are increasingly being rented aside once more, now by exclusive landlords.

The end result is obvious: bulging buy-to-let portfolios for the wealthy, with earnings rising year-on-year. At the same time, those not fortunate to possess their homes tend to be gouged, with rent comprising greater and higher amounts of people’s disposable income.

Personal segregation

Soaring house costs have actually excluded many – mainly the youthful and low-paid – from home ownership. Permitting in personal rented sector is now the norm. But all too often the property for rental is cramped, high priced and low-quality.

The end result is that Scotland today deals with another housing crisis, this time brought on by a housing bubble, landlords cashing in and grasping letting agents. In towns and cities like Aberdeen rents have soared, pricing all nevertheless the wealthiest out from the city and generating social segregation, whilst the HomeLet list proposes rents throughout the UNITED KINGDOM have risen by 12per cent in past times year. When it's less expensive than ever to borrow cash, there is absolutely no excuse for this.

We can't allow neo-liberal dogma to condemn the younger in addition to bad to costly, poor housing

Maggie Chapman

In a culture where many people under the age of 35 are priced off buying a property, we chance producing a cohort of individuals completely locked into high-cost housing. Many of those affected by the speed of rents have actually operate vibrant promotions. Living Rent has actually forced this issue within the schedule, and deserves a significant reaction from Scottish government.

We must ensure that the proposed rent controls work well. That’s the reason why I put forward a motion on Scottish Green Party summit the following month phoning for the introduction of a points-based system of rent controls. This will mean that rents are set at an inexpensive level, on the basis of the high quality, size, location and facilities when you look at the residential property for rental. I want increases to be restricted so that they don’t push tenants into poverty.

In addition would you like to ensure tenants can’t be unfairly evicted. Currently, there was a “no fault” ground for eviction, which allows landlords to remove tenants whatever their particular conditions. I want all evictions is discretionary, so landlords must give reasons for removing some body from their residence.

I also wish see legislation of permitting agents. This growth industry mediates the market, producing a predicament where they have been demanding lease increases that not even the landlords wish. In one single situation I was approached by tenants whose permitting representative had been terminating their particular lease because they’d lived in the home for just two years, in addition to broker was worried they'd begin treating it as a property. It proved the landlord performedn’t would like them eliminated. It had been a ruse to put the rent up.

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Finally, housing may be the cornerstone of an excellent community. While Thatcherites may delight in the rich profiting from an unprecedented transfer of wide range from the poor, we can't allow neo-liberal dogma to condemn the youthful as well as the poor to costly, low-quality housing. We are in need of lease controls, an end to unjust evictions, and a radical renovation regarding the housing system. This choice is simply the begin.

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