Strutt Parker Edinburgh

January 19, 2023
Earlsferry, Leven, Fife

The land illustrated above (Midmar Paddock on the east slopes of Blackford Hill, Edinburgh) is obtainable via Strutt & Parker (sales pamphlet right here – 925kb pdf).

The reason for posting this web site should ask “who is the owner of this land? Does anyone understand?

Strutt and Parker will not divulge the solution.

The land is not signed up when you look at the Land Register but deeds are probably taped within the enroll of Sasines however it will cost around £50 and 1-2 times work to determine the answer there. I have neither.

So I believed i may ask you to answer. Can any person help?

The map below programs the positioning.

© OpenStreetMap contributors information is available in Open Database License

I have today determined the ownership associated with the Midmar Paddock. The join of Sasines Research piece can be seen on foot of this text if you are interested to observe how land transactions were taped prior to the Land enter which was functioning in Midlothian (the old county including Edinburgh) since 1 April 2001.

1923 John Gordon of Cluny sells 18.6 miles (Midmar Paddock and allotments to your north) to Alexander Grant.

In 1938 the land is used in the Trustees of Sir Alexander Grant, 15 Hermitage Drive, handling Director of McVitie & cost, Biscuit brands, Edinburgh & London.

1954 Allotments area conveyed by Trustees to Graeme Ellizabeth Laing. Midmar Paddock remains with Trustees.

1958 Midmar Paddock conveyed to beneficiaries of Trust – Hector Laing, Alexander give Laing and Robert Douglas Grant Laing.

1973 Hector conveys their ⅓ interest to Trustees for Anthony Rupert Laing

1973 Alexander conveys his ⅓ share to Trustees of Alexander Grant Laing.

1973 Allotments area conveyed by Graeme E Laing to Trustees of Alexander give Laing.

1983 Trustees of Anthony express their ⅓ share to Anthony.

1993 Robert conveys their ⅓ share to Nettling qualities Ltd.

1999 Nettling Properties conveys its ⅓ share to Flagstaff Properties Ltd (Turks and Caicos Islands).

2011 Flagstaff qualities Ltd. conveys its ⅓ share to Midmar characteristics Ltd.

The allotments site into north is owned by Blackford Hill Ltd.

Midmar Paddock (the website presently on the market) is had by :-

Anthony Rupert Laing, Coulmony House, Morayshire

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Windmill House, Murrayfield - Strutt Parker
Windmill House, Murrayfield - Strutt Parker
Oswald Dean Spott- Strutt Parker
Oswald Dean Spott- Strutt Parker
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