Holiday homes for sale in Scotland

January 19, 2023
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WILLERBY AVONMORE 2015 (35x12)Loch Ken Holiday Park features breathtaking getaway home pitches for sale in picturesque surroundings.


brand new WILLERBY AVONMORE 2015 (35x12)
This unique, beautifully designed, extremely elegant ‘Willerby Avonmore’ 2015 provides a luxurious, large, modern type of vacation home. The Willerby Avonmore 2015 offers stunning waterfront views; exceptional hand crafted decking and exquisite home design and furnishings in a bright and modern open-plan liveable space.

  • Super Deluxe, Two Bedroom Holiday House With Lounge Dual.
  • Master Suite Ensuite
  • Central Heated
  • Dual Glazed
  • Exclusive waterfront position with dazzling views over Loch Ken additionally the Galloway Hills.
  • Better decking, hand crafted to customer’s choice.

P.O.A (Cost On Application)

Click the photos to enlarge.

Please phone for lots more details: Mungo Bryson 07711 539 220

WILLERBY SALISBURY 2011 (35' x 12')
Exceptional State
Stylish Indoor and Furnishings
2 Bedroom, Lounge Double, Ensuite, Central Heated, Double-Glazed, Outlook Doors, Fully Decked.
Private top row position with glorious views over Loch Ken therefore the Galloway Hills.

WILLERBY AVONMORE 2015 (35x12)P.O.A (Price On Application)

We pride ourselves on becoming a roomy, peaceful, household playground.

The playground was established because of the late Mr. Mungo Bryson into the 60’s plus the park features remained within the family. It is now been operate by his spouse Mrs. Penny Bryson and their child Mr. Mungo S. Bryson. The Bryson family members has additionally been farming around Parton since the 1880’s.

Holiday Homes for Sale

We now have increased 4 celebrity grading from browse Scotland (4 performers: a great standard) and the AA’s 4 star pennant award. Our park is happy to own received the Gold standard from David Bellamy Conservation Award for 15 years (1999 - 2014). Our company is members of the British Holiday houses Park Association our contacts with your getaway homeowners come in conformity because of the BHHPA. Our company is a Scottish Thistle Award park.

If it is new or utilized, purchasing a Caravan Holiday Residence is a simple procedure.

WILLERBY AVONMORE 2015 (35x12)All Caravan Holiday Homes, new or made use of, must be purchased through ourselves – we usually do not allow Caravan Holiday Homes is purchased and sited on our park, by an authorized.

Extras Offered

We will be pleased to prepare quotations for the method of getting extras such as wood decking, storage sheds, patios/parking places and gasoline device maintenance. Please note that most decking should be purchased through Loch Ken Holiday Park.

Regards to Pitch Availability

Caravan Holiday Homes can get a phrase of fifteen years from a fresh, prior to the necessity to replace.

Whenever owners choose sell a caravan holiday residence mid-way through their term, prior approval must certanly be wanted and granted from Loch Ken getaway Park to permit the caravan becoming remain sited in the playground.

All advertising of vacation virginia homes, on playground, will be carried out by Loch Ken Holiday Park. A 15per cent payment shall be taken regarding the purchase of used vacation houses pitched on our playground.

2015 Annual Pitch Charges Charge
first Jan to 31Dec - £2001 (including V.A.T )

2014/15 Rates/Water/sewage
first April – 31st March - £501 (Inclusive of V.A.T )

WILLERBY AVONMORE 2015 (35x12)Electricity

All caravan vacation houses are metered as they are charged in accordance with consumption. Meters tend to be read yearly and charged along side Rates.


We could provide and deliver Calor gasoline cylinders. Petrol is recharged according to the Calor Gas Recommended Retail Price checklist.

Occupancy Dates

The Park typically starts towards general public at the start of March, and closes for cold weather at the start of November. Owners may visit/stay at their particular Caravan Holiday Residence at any time throughout the winter time.

Used Caravan Getaway Houses

Occasionally, we purchase used Caravan Holiday Homes from owners and these tend to be obsessed about the current pitch. Occasionally these have additional extras (decking or storage shed for instance).

A Number Of Important Conditions:

  1. To guarantee the peace and tranquillity of all, Caravan getaway Homes can be used all on your own or your immediate family – there has to be no commercial permitting of any kind.
  2. In regional Authority Licence, Caravan Holiday Residence pitches are available for vacation use only and should not be made use of as a living/working residence.
  3. All visitors to your Caravan Holiday Home should be made alert to the Park guidelines – you may be in charge of the conduct of your visitors whilst these are generally on the park.
  4. Owners mustn't enable teenagers or kids to inhabit their Caravan Holiday Home in their lack and without their direct direction.
  5. Proprietors tend to be entirely accountable for insuring their particular Caravan Holiday Homes. This insurance coverage must protect harm and problems for third parties all of the time.
  6. Dogs are strictly restricted to 2 optimum no dangerous types.
  7. Sound must be limited at all times, but will never be accepted after 10pm.

WILLERBY AVONMORE 2015 (35x12) Holiday Homes for sale, with panoramic views across park and Loch Ken. WILLERBY SALISBURY 2011 (35' x 12'), exceptional state, Stylish Interior and Furnishings, 2 Bedroom, Lounge dual, Ensuite, Central Heated, Double-Glazed, Outlook Doors, totally Decked. Personal top row place with marvelous views over Loch Ken together with Galloway Hills. P.O.A (Price On Application) WILLERBY SALISBURY 2011 (35' x 12'), exceptional state, trendy Interior and Furnishings, 2 room, Lounge dual, Ensuite, Central Heated, Double-Glazed, Outlook Doors, totally Decked. Personal top line position with marvelous views over Loch Ken in addition to Galloway Hills. P.O.A (Cost On Application)

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Holiday homes In Scotland
Holiday homes In Scotland
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