Land for sale in the Highlands

January 19, 2023
Highlands at Breckenridge

range of virginia homes in The HighlandsThe Highlands community, only North of Seattle on Puget Sound, is a highly-regarded, but hardly ever visited neighborhood for typical Seattle citizen. This gated community resides only between your Seattle club and waterfront, with just two entrances on 100 house enclave. Most lots inside Highlands are around two miles, while the domiciles, built between 1900 to these days, are typically historic colonials, tudors, and so on, with multiple contemporaries mixed in. The windy, wooded roads and lengthy, personal driveways enable each house owner generate their own eyesight with their estate without a neighborÆs home imposing in view.

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The Highlands, Seattle

The The Highlands neighbor hood is found in North Seattle. Homes for sale in Highlands consist of foreclosures (bank-owned houses), brief sales, new construction, and traditional resale houses. Residence types cover anything from condos to townhomes and single-family homes.

Our The Highlands researching the market makes it possible to make much more informed choices about houses in North Seattle. Every week we publish marketplace updates for Highlands, with its 98117 zip rule. You can observe modern trends in rates, cost, supply and demand. We invest in this analysis so our clients always have the newest insights to make the most readily useful decisions with confidence.

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Land For Sale: HIGHLAND CREST DRIVE COVINGTON, Louisiana 70433
Land For Sale: HIGHLAND CREST DRIVE COVINGTON, Louisiana 70433
Home For Sale in the Highlands of White Plains - 152 Old
Home For Sale in the Highlands of White Plains - 152 Old ...
The Highlands in Oxford, MS
The Highlands in Oxford, MS
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