Forest land for sale UK

October 4, 2022
Bough Wood - SOLD

UK woodland Property ResearchFrom commercial investment towards the easy satisfaction of woodland ownership there are numerous known reasons for choosing to spend money on woodlands.

Exclusive ownership of woodland when you look at the UK, whatever your reason behind choosing to spend, benefits from a selection of grants and taxation incentives built to motivate well managed and effective land.

Like, the growing and upkeep of woodland will often attract federal government funds and, after 2 yrs of ownership, woodland just isn't susceptible to inheritance income tax. Expert woodland management, coupled with careful taxation preparation, can cause reliable and competitive returns from an extremely tax-efficient financial investment

Woodland income

There are several methods to generate income from your woodland. It is possible to develop and start your woodland toward general public. There's developing public curiosity about use of woodlands for orienteering, walking, mountain-biking and other recreational use. Many woodland sales feature sporting liberties for harsh shooting or deer stalking. Some have ponds and some have actually a cottage or log cabin.

Another option is always to sell wood. Woods develop predictably both in size and price. In well-managed plantations this will provide a capital development investment and generate significant income from timber harvested. The predictability of growth makes forestry ideal for future income and pension preparation.

Tilhill Forestry has actually a separate Property and Investment Team. We could offer advice to new entrants which help investors come to be proprietors. When had, a woodland needs management so we tend to be obviously able to offer this service also. Our expert and skilled woodland supervisors understand how to handle woodlands towards the highest criteria and that can provide the services woodland proprietors wish and need.

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Acres for Sale, Forest Land for Sale
Acres for Sale, Forest Land for Sale
Woods and Forests for Sale? Why Buy A Woodland? Buying a
Woods and Forests for Sale? Why Buy A Woodland? Buying a ...
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