Lodges rental Scotland

January 19, 2023
Coylumbridge | HIGVC

When it comes to perfect self-catering vacations in Scotland, the Hilton Dunkeld home Resort in Perthshire offers deluxe lodges for as much as 6 or 8 visitors. These spacious self-catering lodges represent the perfect accommodation for examining the stunning surrounding surroundings.

Highland lodges in Perthshire Scotland

Our latest lodges have been designed to mirror today's need for convenience, space and high quality. From level display screen televisions to American refrigerators and a cosy writing desk location, every little thing happens to be created for your relaxation, comfort and satisfaction. All rooms tend to be ensuite, and include a double double space, together with island kitchen is likely to make planning your getaway meals a pleasure.

Every lodge has a balcony, conservatory, or sun patio - made for experiencing the summer season fully, and an en-suite master bedroom in addition to one more twin bedded guest space. Guests will enjoy complete utilization of the resort services, including children's pool, playing tennis courts, bars and restaurant. The Dunkeld Park Activity Centre when you look at the grounds of this resort provides a selection of outdoor tasks including fishing, shooting and driving, making the lodges at Hilton Dunkeld House among the better self catering accommodation in Scotland.

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