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November 25, 2023
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Highland Titles Ltd. is regarded as those sites that offers you a little plot of land as a souvenir acquisition. Yesterday, on twitter, some merriment had been had by challenging the claim that these types of plots conferred any ownership of this land. Highland Titles Ltd. promises you will be a landowner when you look at the lack of any recording of subject in the Land enroll. It backs up this assertion by reference to this legal advice from J&H Mitchell WS. But a few lawyers on twitter challenged this. See this Storify by Malcolm Combe, his subsequent weblog, and this long legal explanation by @loveandgarbage.

Anytime these “plot-owners” don’t acquire the land, who does? The clear answer is Highland Titles Ltd. It owns two parcels of land – Keil Wood near Duror extending (originally) to 90.7ha (see map below) and Paitna Green Wood, almost Invergarry (to west of A87 above Loch Loyne), extending to 75.1ha. Keil Wood was obtained in 2007 by a company called Lochaber Highland Estates (CI) Ltd. This company changed its name in February 2012 to Highland Titles Ltd. See right here for a Scotsman Business video clip.

Several half-acre plots were offered at Keil Wood reducing the level had by Highland Titles Ltd. to more or less 75ha and thus the business owns around 150ha of land which it really is supplying “for sale” in plots from 1 sq ft to 1000 sqft in level.

What makes this tale that tiny bit more interesting usually Highland Titles Ltd. is an organization signed up in Alderney and, in a phone call right now to the Greffier of legal of Alderney, it had been verified that Highland Titles is owned by Douglas Wilson and Helen McGregor as Trustees the Highland Titles Charitable Trust for Scotland, a charity signed up in Guernsey.

In line with the five-year program of Highland Titles Ltd., over 100, 000 plots have been sold. Each plot costs any such thing from £29.99 to £499.99. The more expensive plots are typical in Paitna Green (or BumbleBee Haven as Highland Titles calls it) which is bit more than a higher height sitka spruce plantation regarding the A87 from Invergarry on the slope to Cluanie (see below)

The income from over 100, 000 plots reaches least £2, 999, 000 and probably a great deal more. This income is paid into a business signed up in Alderney but as no accounts are published, its impossible to make sure. The only real share is held by Wilson and McGregor as Trustees for the Guernsey charity. Underneath the legislation of Guernsey, no charity is obliged to produce accounts for general public assessment therefore need just lodge records under certain situations.

Thus no person understands if in fact the charity is within bill of any resources at all. Whilst the only shareholder it is really not eligible for have associated with revenues of Highland Titles Ltd. used in it. These incomes could well be paid out by the Alderney business as administration fees or any types of various other payments to 3rd events.

The 150ha had by Highland Titles is enough to offer over 16 million sq ft plots which, at £29, 99 per plot is a possible gross income of over £479 million. And, because “plot-owners” do not lawfully possess their particular plots (their particular ownership is restricted to a few components of report and perhaps a tartan teddy), these plots can, in theory be offered multiple times.

We find it strange that such an arrangement seems to be legal in Scotland. Since the charity does not theoretically operate in Scotland, the Office associated with the Scottish Charity Regulator has no role (see ). And, considering that the business that has the land is subscribed in Alderney, its smart no taxes to HMRC.

Finally, the administrators with this Scottish company tend to be Peter Bevis and Helen McGregor just who reside at Tulloch Farm, Spean Bridge.

Tulloch Farm is had by Quexus Ltd., an organization licensed at Trident Chambers, PO package 146, Road Town, Tortola, British VIrgin Islands.

Plots of Land for SAle in Tigoni Limuru
Plots of Land for SAle in Tigoni Limuru
Plot of Land for Sale.
Plot of Land for Sale.
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