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January 19, 2023
Cumbrian/Lakes Cottages

The Allan Ramsay: created in 1792 The Allan Ramsay is one of Scotland's earliest mentoring inns.

It really is known as following the well-known Scots poet Allan Ramsay (1686-1754) whoever numerous works celebrated the united states folk and outlying life of the surrounding area.

The inn is situated in the quaint, previous weavers'

town of Carlops, nestled during the root of the Pentland Hills, but is just 20 moments from Edinburgh.

Its moderate outside belies a hot and inviting inside with a 18th Century character - antique designs, a little collection, candle-lit restaurant, old-fashioned 'penny club' and real sign fires.

The four bright and comfortable guests rooms regarding the upper flooring deliver choices of solitary, double, twin and household occupancy.

The Allan Ramsay goes on its role for this time; supplying a welcome end the traveller, as a quiet escape for those wanting to explore the nearby breathtaking country side or as a base that to experience the delights of town of Edinburgh.

The Allan Ramsay, has one of the few remaining

'penny taverns' - a club top decorated in old one cent coins - some featuring Queen Victoria, and a large open wood fire.

With malt whiskies from all over Scotland, in your area made genuine ales and a selection of wines; its a well known location for site visitors and locals alike.

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