Equestrian property to rent Scotland

April 17, 2023
Claire Russell, Partner

They wedded and for ten years went a cycling college inside Algarve, in which Henry handed down to Sylvia all he knew about higher level riding. In 1979, they decamped back again to Henry’s home in Suffolk with 20 statuesque Lusitano horses, a ready-made riding school, in tow.

Proud owner: Sylvia Loch

Henry passed away, really all of a sudden, in 1982, whenever their girl, Allegra, ended up being eight weeks old. “It was a big surprise, but I'd an infant to provide for, together with question of how to proceed using ponies, ” Sylvia claims. “i do believe they were Henry’s parting present in my experience – he taught me all we necessary to understand in order to make a full time income on my own. I Made The Decision to find a property with sufficient land for horses, and compose it all down.”

Eden Hall ended up being that destination. Despite originally thinking the grounds for the nation household were too large to handle, Sylvia found convenience in peaceful. She moved back to Scotland, changed the steady garden, put in a manège and arena to ensure she could continue to show, and invested “two cathartic many years” gutting and reverting the west wing, the original part of the home which had dropped into disrepair – and housed chickens and pigs – back to property.

Over time that implemented she had written six books and made DVDs about the art of dressage and classical riding, drawing energy from her surroundings. “i possibly could nevertheless see Henry on their horse during my mind’s attention, which permitted us to compose – it was the right place, ” she states. “It has-been a really pleased house for horse and individual.”

The market for equestrian properties is divided in to personal and professional purchasers, “both shopping for a services possible”, and it is powerful where they all are present and proper, says Rupert Sweeting, mind of Knight Frank’s country department. Eden Hall ticks their “musts” list regarding eventer/show jumper or dressage rider, which includes “large airy stables and a barn for easier mucking out and feeding, and an Olympic-size manège; it should have free-draining land and excellent communications, like a motorway junction, however be quiet allow operating away, and mountains, well suited for increase physical fitness levels”.

The blend associated with grand and homely at Eden Hall

Sylvia married once more, and seven-bedroom Eden Hall features, through the years, hosted countless site visitors, whom love the opportunity to head out and ride. “buddies think it’s great right here; it's quite grand but extremely homely, as well as the primary spaces all start off a central hallway therefore it’s wonderful for events.”

While torn about going, Sylvia now has to downsize, and hopes to pass through the reins to a horse-loving family members. “The fact that the house has received an effective previous occupant ensures that just the right services are there, which is as much as the buyer to prove obtained the capacity to choose it, ” Sweeting states.

*Eden Hall, Roxburghshire, a subscribed agricultural holding, is actually for purchase at £1.1 million (Knight Frank; 0131 222 9600)


Ebony Horse Farm, Wickhambrook, Suffolk

£850, 000

A picturesque, four-bedroom equestrian home situated between Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds with a level II detailed thatched cottage, a range of stable structures (presently offering 18 free bins, with range for improvement) and post and train paddocks and a horse walker. About 20.6 acres as a whole. (Jackson-Stops & team; 31, Jackson-Stops.co.uk)

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