Rural property to rent Scotland

September 2, 2022
We also have rural properties

Image of Mortonhall

No residential property available at Mortonhall to rent currently

If you wish to join up your interest in renting at Mortonhall please email [email protected]

We supply properties to rent at Charterhall in Berwickshire. Kindly stick to the website link below to learn more about these:

About our residential properties

Mortonhall features numerous domestic properties that formerly housed property employees which are now available for rental.

The estate is focused on offering quality rented housing and excellent landlord tenant relations. As a mark for this dedication the property is pleased becoming an accredited landlord with LAS (Landlord Accreditation Scotland). This badge of assurance is made to give clients certainty, clarity and self-confidence that their particular objectives is going to be fulfilled.

Estate policy over the past 20 years has been to refurbish allow properties to contemporary criteria with the objective of considerably enhancing the quality of the Mortonhall's housing stock.

Properties are actually let on Short Assured Tenancies.

Mortonhall provides a selection of housing accommodation

To look at any current vacancies be sure to view the below links or contact us [email shielded]

The reason why live at Mortonhall?

Mortonhall is a fantastic location to stay for today's town life while using the advantages of simple lifestyle given by towns.

All Mortonhall properties are in outlying configurations but within in easy reach of excellent schools, shops, leisure services:

Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury, Tescos, Costa, Costco & Ikea all with in a few kilometers.

10 golf courses and 2 operating ranges within 10 kilometers.

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