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September 7, 2022
Island Leisure Limited

End of lodgeAll leisure eating, tennis and spa services of this famous Gleneagles resort, but with the comfort and personal area of your individual luxury lodge – which what exactly is available for the people renting at Glenmor, and is what brings men and women back into stay with united states year after year.

Be you a couple, household or, the two, three and four bed room lodges that make up the Glenmor Village offer an self-catering substitute for staying in Gleneagles, but without diminishing on some of the high quality or perhaps the small details which make the resort so unique.

The contemporary design of your lodges, the usage of the fresh nation air and all the advantages of renting with us have revolutionised ways to enjoy Gleneagles. Now you can enjoy every one of the resort’s activities and dining experiences, while nevertheless having a fully-equipped private space to return to once you so select.

gleneagles_facilitiesFor numerous though, what makes staying in Glenmor so unique may be the little details. Whether this will be candles for your bathroom or the fresh pastries that may be brought to your home from the resort kitchens together with your early morning reports, we are going to do our upmost which will make your stay as enjoyable that you can. For all thinking about cooking for yourselves whilst staying with us we are able to additionally arrange for your on line shopping become delivered and place away before you decide to arrive, or get you some animal meat from hotel’s exceptional suppliers. Not to mention, whilst you are with us we likewise have our personal devoted concierge service therefore the Tryst Cafe Bar at your disposal.

With tasks and events on at resort throughout the year often there is something to do, but at peak times of the year – such as Christmas, Easter and/or summertime – we additionally run activity programs within Glenmor. Details of that are available on demand.

Our priority at Glenmor is make fully sure your stay may be the experience you need it to be (and much more besides) and that's why our Rentals staff may well be more than very happy to offer you any additional information and requirements you have. If you are seeking to book a-stay, you'll find the costs and availability right here or alternatively you could get in touch with all of us straight.

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Source: www.gleneagles.com
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