Holiday homes for sale Scotland

December 26, 2022
Holiday homes for sale at Loch

Blairgowrie - Tingdene Valleta Woodland Lodge 2011 40ft x 20ft 3 roomWelcome to our getaway parks. We a good selection of caravan holiday homes and pinleodges so that you can purchase at our 5 vacation areas across Scotland. Possessing yours holiday home provides a haven for you plus family members to escape to throughout every season and provides you the freedom to unwind and enjoy time collectively whenever you choose.

We encourage that see our vacation parks to allow you to go through the environment of each and every playground and what they have to give.

Client Referrals

Do you really currently own a holiday house on one of your parks and know somebody who is interested in getting a vacation property owner? Suggest a friend purchasing a holiday house from us and you will be rewarded with credit to utilize by yourself park account. Accept £500 if they purchase a fresh caravan holiday residence or lodge and £200 if they purchase a pre-owned caravan holiday residence and use the cash against yours vacation house pitch fees, gasoline and electric bills or to treat you to ultimately a break at our various other holiday parks in Scotland! (perhaps not good on private product sales. Conditions and terms apply).


Our lodges are observed on our '5 star' holiday parks at Blairgowire and Deeside, situated on landscaped pitches with views of park. The lodges tend to be fully-furnished along with open plan living location providing the ideal location for people to socialise and flake out. Terrace doors ready to accept enable accessibility a sizable decking, provinding the right area to enjoy the lengthy summer time days. These 20ft models supply spacious living and all sorts of all year round convenience.

Willerby Boston Park Home 2015PRICES BEGINNING WITH £39, 900

Park Homes - Home

Pitches now available for brand new Residential Park Homes at Campsie Glen getaway Park.

Residential houses can be purchased through the Holiday Park.

There are additionally some pre-owned household Park Homes in founded home gardens on the market, currently sited on the Holiday Park.

Deeside Omar Kingfisher Pinelodge 40ft x 20ft x 2 bedroom Carnaby Willow Lodge 2015

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