Seaside property for sale Scotland

April 20, 2023

Port Bannatyne on Bute, where homes cost just over 73,000. Photo: Allan Milligan

Port Bannatyne on Bute, where houses cost only over 73, 000. Image: Allan Milligan

PORT Bannatyne in Bute happens to be named as Britain’s least expensive seaside city for which purchasing a home.

The common cost of a home regarding the idyllic area from the shore of Argyll is £73, 539, compared to £672, 874 inside priciest seaside city of Salcombe, Devon, according to the survey of residence prices in 196 places around the world completed by Halifax.

Other bargains are had in Fraserburgh. Image: Robert Perry

Other Scottish seaside retreats take over the most truly effective ten regarding “most inexpensive” listing, including Campbeltown, Thurso, Girvan, Wick, Saltcoats, Stranraer and Irvine. .

Isle of Bute councillor Isobel intense said it had been a steal: “The entire of Bute, including Port Bannatyne, is these types of a pleasant place to live. I moved here 40 years back and now have never kept.

“We possess most gorgeous views, great destinations and lovely places to eat and drink.

“Not only that, we are a 35-minute ferry visit to the mainland, and a 90-minute drive to Glasgow, that will be perfect for people in the city.

Bute councillor Isobel Strong

“We have a population of 7, 000, with about 1, 000 in Port Bannatyne and 4-5, 000 in Rothesay.

“There are a handful of those who have 2nd houses right here, but really when individuals come right here they just like to stay.

“The island has every thing for everyone, including walking, rambling, cruising, kayaking and birdwatching.

“It would-be good to entice more more youthful people to the island and there are still a great deal of properties available for sale right here.

“Once they come after that hopefully they won’t desire to keep once more.”

Bute is one of the most accessible Scottish islands with a brief ferry trip across the Firth of Clyde, and it is renowned for the marvelous gardens and grand structure.

The Halifax study discovered that, over the past decade, the average house price in a seaside city has increased by nearly one third to £208, 729.

The increase indicates seaside homes have added around £410 monthly to their worth during the last ten years.

The largest increases within the average price of houses in seaside cities within the last ten years were all taped north for the Border.

Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire recorded the biggest increase, with a 109 per cent escalation in home values to £132, 920 in 2015.

Lerwick in Shetland and Peterhead in Aberdeenshire practiced the next largest rises, both recording a 102 per cent upswing.

Halifax stated that outside south England, the most expensive seaside towns are also in Scotland. The typical house price in St Andrews is £294, 586, whilst the typical house in North Berwick costs £294, 076 and the typical residential property worth in Stonehaven is £243, 741.

Craig McKinlay, mortgages director at Halifax, stated: “Seaside cities have actually a definite destination, supplying that most essential water view with a typically high quality of life in a wholesome environment.

“There is a relationship connected with lifestyle by the water and this is evident within the high residence costs seen in several places.Some of the very most high priced seaside cities in Britain are dotted along the south The united kingdomt coastline even though many of the most affordable come in the north, particularly in Scotland.

“Despite a clear north-south divide in residential property costs among seaside towns, the fast cost growth in numerous Scottish seaside cities over the past 10 years proposes the rise in popularity of seaside living has spread-out throughout the whole nation.

“Of course, the boom in the Scottish oil sector during period also supplied a boost to accommodate rates, particularly in several towns over the Aberdeenshire coastline.”

Nitesh Patel, housing economist at Bank of Scotland, added: “Seaside towns are remarkably popular locations to reside in Scotland while they offer a unique lifestyle.

“A amount of seaside towns have taped significant home cost increases in the last ten years, predominately regarding eastern coast.

“Scottish seaside town house costs did especially well over the final 10 years, outperforming the average for Great Britain all together.”

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Seaside house to restore in Silvi - Property for sale in
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