Commercial property Auctions Scotland

July 18, 2023
1301 Scotland Crossing Drive

Future Property Auctions, Glasgowbranch detailsOur company is certainly one of Scotland's largest committed Land and Property Auction home. Based from traditional sales offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh, our regular programme of large scale Scottish residential property deals feature typically 300+ lots per purchase.

Our Scotland Auction schedule includes 16 Live Auction Events per year.

Our Glasgow Property product sales Offices are observed when you look at the heart of Glasgow's South Side only 5 minutes from city centre. Auctions are held within Glasgow Radisson Hotel. This superb central area is convenient for all transportation backlinks & parking services.

Each Auction provides a mixture of Commercial and Residential property as well as land along with other development opportunities. Properties are acknowledged from both personal and Corporate suppliers alike so we welcome enquires from all potential clients. Deals are a good tool for property holders that searching a faster sale inside sluggish marketplace.

Our experienced staff of Valuers and Auctioneers could offer suppliers a total auction solution. Upon request we're going to provide COMPLIMENTARY no obligation Auction Appraisals for vendors which may give consideration to auctioning residential property. An Auction Appraisal will detail current market demand and likely auction price tag which is why a house may attain at our real time auction events. Vendors may then decide if they want to enter their property into a forthcoming auction. For more information kindly never hesitate to get in touch with an associate of your sales force

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Contact details

241 Kilmarnock Path Glasgow G41 3JF

Tel: 0141 632 6599 regional call price

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