Scottish Real Estate Castle for sale

September 6, 2022
Gate Scottish Tudor Castle

could you choose a) this one-bed flat in London, or b) this epic Scottish castle?Oh London… we love the culture, nights out and breathtaking parks.

But as we all know, the housing circumstance is getting a little absurd.

For-instance, for the very reasonable (ahem) price of £300, 000 you may be the happy owner of a one-bedroom flat in Kennington:

Shows from restroom consist of uncovered piping (for the reason that it’s fun nowadays right?):

Exposed pipe is indeed cool (Picture: Rightmove)

And a tremendously special ‘living feature’ into the bathroom.

Hello mould, old friend (image: Rightmove)


Today we all know what you’re all thinking… this seems great, but does it incorporate a low level flush WC?

You realize the flat is full of winning functions when home agents are reduced to showcasing the lower level flush WC.

Then there’s this tasty fitted kitchen.

This is certainly totally ‘vintage’ (Picture: Rightmove)


What exactly takes place if you result in the exact same £300, 000 search in Scotland?

uncovered pipe is so cool (photo: Rightmove)You may well not stay beside the Tube, but there’s cracking bars and gorgeous surroundings.

Best of all there was a good amount of amazing homes you may 1 day really be able to pay for.

Listed below are nine of the very enviable homes that you may purchase for the same price as a one sleep flat in London:

1. An attractive semi-detatched residence in Dumbarton with FIVE bedrooms

The rooms tend to be truly light and airy – plus there’s a lovely conservatory with views of this landscaped garden.

(Picture: Caledonia Bureau)

(Picture: Caledonia Bureau)

2. A classy Victorian house in Ayrshire with fall dead gorgeous scenery

This can enable you to get all views, hardwood flooring and one more little farmhouse which probably larger than many flats in London.

(Image: Savills)

(Photo: Savills)

3. a detailed house or apartment with 11 acres of formal grounds

Not exactly your typical block of flats. You can find four bedrooms and lofty ceilings that Londoners can just only desire.

1 room flat available, £300k Juxon Street, London, SE11And did we mention you can find 11 acres?

(Picture: Remax Scotland)

(Photo: Remax Scotland)

4. This 3, 246 sq ft previous manse with views over Loch Tummel

Known as Tigh na Cleirich, meaning ‘House for the Cleric, this picturesque rock and record house has actually five bedrooms and four bathrooms. It dates back into the very early 19th century and it is set in stunning country side where in actuality the adventurous can hike and fish. Savills has actually valued it at £350, 000.

(Picture: Savills)

5. An actual palace

It may require a little bit of work, but it’s a freakin’ castle. It had been in the possession of for the Douglas household for over 300 years as well as in its heyday it absolutely was a 64-room family members residence.

(Picture: Rettie)

unfitted cabinets kitchen area 1 bed room flat available, £300k Juxon Street, London, SE11 (image: Rettie)

(Picture: Rettie)

6. This turreted tower of pleasure

This was a baronial gate lodge, where Earl of Seafield accustomed stop-off on path from stop to his castle. Now it features 3 bed rooms, four bathrooms and an attractive yard to embrace the nation life and begin developing your personal veg in. Strutt & Parker contain it in the marketplace for £335, 000.

(Picture: Strutt & Parker)

(Picture: Strutt & Parker)

7. A Victoria property with epic views of Loch Long

This four bed room residence has actually a charming kitchen area with some awesome appliances. Exactly what gets united states actually excited would be the incredible views regarding the loch. Savills need provides in the order of £395, 000.

(Photo: Savills)

8. A prolonged house in Angus

It features an extra oak cooking area with solid granite dining table tops *swoons*. You can find not just one, maybe not two, but THREE restrooms and another of these has a hot tub.

(Image: McEwan Fraser Legal)

(Picture: /McEwan Fraser Legal)

(Photo: McEwan Fraser Legal)

9. Or if not one of the bring your fancy, a detailed church

For £150, 000 you can acquire your own personal church. Rettie says that the residential property currently has actually approved planning permission to-be converted into residential homes. They reckon you could easily fit in three homes with a complete of nine rooms in, but why don't you use the good deal for yourself?

(Picture: Rettie)

scotland1 scotland4 scotlandnew (Picture: Savills)

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