Scottish Castles For sale

April 28, 2023
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bedlay castle for saleWith an asking price of £500, 000, this Scottish palace is a nice-looking provide, although you might be sharing the building with a specter.

Bedlay Castle, found just northeast of Glasgow, comes with nearly 10 miles of land. During the dark ages this land was had by the Bishop of Glasgow, in 1580 the property was handed to Robert Boyd, 4th Lord Boyd of Kilmarnock, whom built their own castle at a natural protective point. The sixteenth century building is a simple tower household of two storeys and an attic. The tower household ended up being around 13 by 7.5 metres, together with a square stair tower protruding through the north-east part. During the ground-floor were two vaulted cellars, with a hall above. The stair tower had been later on customized by the addition of an additional storey, achieved by a spiral stair corbelled out from the join associated with the stair tower therefore the main block.

In 1642 the was sold to James Robertson, whom later on became Lord Bedlay. Their household longer the palace, and had it until 1786. This extension is of the identical level while the original building, with just one area on each flooring. Round towers finish off both western sides regarding the extension. Because extension ended up being built on lower floor, an extra floor is made during the lower degree, accessed from ground floor, and including a hidden area beneath among the towers.

Floor program of Bedlay Castle with approximate times of building.The castle, which will be listed historical website, is certainly utilized as home and has now six bed rooms. One will see big barrel-vaulted store rooms, cellars and two smaller larders along with the primary kitchen area and family area. The master bedroom is on the first-floor as well as a drawing space and gallery, and a big living area. The other five bedrooms is available on the second and 3rd floors.

Among the legends about Bedlay Castle usually it is haunted – before this palace had been built the house ended up being used as a palace the Bishops of Glasgow. Evidently one of many bishops drowned in a nearby pond, but his ghost happens to be roaming around Bedlay Castle since, despite an attempt at an exorcism into the eighteenth century. Many people have reported seeing the Bishop’s huge figure showing up spontaneously, yet others be aware of him moving around the building.

The sale will be taken care of by Duncan Barrie of CKD Galbraith. He commented, “the sale of Bedlay Castle tends to make having a lovely Scottish palace a reasonable truth for a lot of. However the scale for the repair work needed is rather considerable but would-be well worth the investment of time and finance.

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PROPERTY FOR SALE - Scottish Highlands, Caithness KW14 - 3
PROPERTY FOR SALE - Scottish Highlands, Caithness KW14 - 3 ...
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