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April 28, 2023
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Innovative Approaches to Care

Oak Manor works closely with its Elders and their families to achieve the highest possible level of functioning and quality of life. As we continue our Eden Alternative Registration process,

we are also incorporating Culture Change as a way of life in our community. Our Home consists of five neighborhoods where permanent staff assignments help to achieve a closer bond between Elder, family, and the CarePartner team. Each neighborhood is empowered to make decisions for their specific neighborhood needs. Our Elders choose what activities to put on the calendar each month, which may include groups visiting,

It’s Never 2 Late computer games, and outside events.

Our Mission statement sums it up:

Life, Passion, Purpose… A Meaningful Life, A Passion to Serve, A Community of Purpose.

Accepted Payor Source

Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, Hospice Contracts and Private Pay


Oak Manor Health Care Center, located in a beautiful wooded setting just outside the city limits of McKenzie, TN, it is a dually certified ICF/SNF Home. We have 31 double apartments and 4 private rooms, housing up to 66 Elders. Our current population is very diverse in ages, ranging from mid-twenties to late nineties. We offer varying degrees of care ranging from basic to clinically skilled services for higher acuity needs as well as Hospice and Respite care.

Specialized Clinical Services

Oak Manor offers 24 hour nursing care, contracted dental, podiatry, mobile x-ray services, and Silvercare incontinence management. We also offer Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies in house as well as Restorative care. We have a Psych Nurse Practitioner who visits as needed, and five Physicians who make rounds monthly.

Community Involvement

Oak Manor Health Care works closely with the community in several ways. We often have food drives for the local United Neighbors, we participate in the county’s Relay for Life, we pack shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse for children overseas at Christmas, and we adopt a family annually to help them through the holidays. We invite the community into our Home several times throughout the year as well. We hold an annual Christmas Open House, we have seasonal and holiday celebrations, we have cook-outs honoring our Police, Fire, and EMS Departments, and we always welcome families and loved ones to share a meal with us.

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