Holiday cottages for sale Scotland

April 20, 2023

Tarbat HouseIf you're wanting a holiday cottage to purchase, it is always worth-while contacting united states, once we may be able to assist. Occasionally as well as for all sorts of explanations, owners opt to sell their properties plus they inform united states consequently.

The properties about this web page are all at this time on the market, so have an appearance to see if you have something that appeals. They all have a successful history and have now been let effectively through us for several years. The advantages of buying a cottage which can be currently becoming let are significant. Besides the repeat company which an excellent cottage will get, it'll currently have a well established profile which will be maintained with a brand new owner if they continue to let through us.

Even although you already are thinking about a cottage that you've seen somewhere else, you can expect a complete advisory and consultancy solution.Lochgarthside Cottage With 40 several years of expertise in the industry, we can let you know what things to look out for in home, what to prevent, whether your potential buy will allow will, tips sidestep the problems, and, simply speaking, how to make the business enterprise of purchasing, starting and maintaining a holiday as enjoyable and profitable as you possibly can.

Offers around £210, 000 (rests 7)
With continuous views across available floor towards the sea, Tarbat House is a detached property situated just one mile from Bunessan and six kilometers from Fionnphort inside south regarding the island regarding the Ross of Mull.

Offers over £220, 000 (sleeps 5)
Situated above Loch Mhor, just over the slope from Loch Ness, it really is a normal croft household which, today totally modernised, provides cosy & most attractive accommodation in a magnificent Highland setting.

Duart CottageProvides approximately £240, 000 (rests 8)
This typical whitewashed Highland home is right on water's edge in Kyleakin with a lovely view of this harbour, standing in about one-fourth of an acre of yard and just quarter-hour’ drive from picturesque Plockton.

Offers over £250, 000 (sleeps 5)
This roomy, stone-built Victorian residence deals with south and appears alone enclosed by a lovely adult yard. It is just 200 yards through the ocean and 4 kilometers from the village of Achiltibuie, north west of the town of Ullapool.

The Old SchoolhouseOffers over £265, 000 (sleeps 6)
A normal stone-built cottage lying 4 kilometers east of Achiltibuie, to the north west of Ullapool. The cottage is completely secluded and south-facing, standing only 50 yards through the water with its own personal, enclosed garden.

Please note: The Old Schoolhouse and Achduart Cottage tend to be available separately, or can be purchased collectively for £515, 000.

Provides over £300, 000 (rests 6/7)
This contemporary, detached household has an extremely spectacular location with an excellent perspective across surrounding countryside. It's a large open-plan residing location, a separate sitting area and an annex which at this time a games area.

Achduart Cottage Milldown Hill Milton Steading The Old Croft

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Discover Holiday Cottages Scotland for holiday in Scotland
Discover "Holiday Cottages Scotland" for holiday in Scotland
cottage house for sale highlands of scotland at elphin
cottage house for sale highlands of scotland at elphin
Cottage Scotland
Cottage Scotland
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