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April 17, 2023

Callakille - Northern Highlands, Wester Ross & Easter RossLocation: Applecross peninsula - Wester Ross

Sleeps: 4

Budget Range: £475 - £795

Xmas: £795

New-year: £795

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Sorry no Pets Allowed

Callakille is a traditional white cleaned croft, situated 8 kilometers North of Applecross town in the breathtaking Applecross peninsula. The croft is reached by a rough track, with restricted mobile reception and its own private water supply. The home has-been sold by Wilderness Cottages for a number of years and is one of our top in your community. During early 2015 a large amount of renovation ended up being finished, and also this features included the inclusion of an innovative new restroom with a fabulous roll top bathtub, shower and under flooring heating. Various other works have actually included a prolonged kitchen dining area, redecoration of your home and the installing gorgeous oak floor on the lower degree. All work is carried out in an easy method that preserves the first personality associated with cottage.

The home enjoys dazzling views through the kitchen and lounge over the internal Sound of Raasay to Rona, Raasay and Cuillin mountains on Skye. On a clear day the mountains of Harris therefore the external Hebrides tend to be visible. Its unrivalled place helps it be a peaceful haven where you are able to unwind, unwind as well as perhaps test some of the seaside and mountain strolls and great sea and trout fishing. You will find breathtaking sandy shores a mile away at Sand and in addition at nearby Cuaig." The croft is perfect for appreciating magnificent western coast sunsets or on a clear evening, stargazing.

This is a really scenic stretch of western Coast of Scotland, recently made famous through "Monty Halls Great Escape" television programme and renowned for its wonderful marine life as well as for obtaining the greatest road pass within the UK, the Bealach na Ba.

The village of Applecross 8 miles away features two restaurants worth a visit, The Potting lose together with Applecross Inn both providing in your area caught seafood. Additionally at Applecross village is an area shop for the needs with a Post workplace and petrol pump as well as for coffee-and cake there's the Flower Tunnel during the campsite. The more expensive village of Lochcarron is 28 kilometers and Inverness is 80 kilometers away.

The Gaelic name the section of Applecross is 'a Chomraich' which means 'The Sanctuary'. Could understand, instantly whenever you arrive, the reason why it was given this name, since it is, unquestionably, perhaps one of the most beautiful and remote wilderness areas in the west shore of Scotland, lying between the Scottish mainland mountain public as well as the Isle of Skye.


  • Family room with a screen searching west on the Islands and a wood burning kitchen stove. Flat display screen TV with freeview, DVD and iPod dock/CD player.
  • Kitchen with a window searching west throughout the isles and includes - induction hob, electric oven and barbeque grill, fridge/freezer, washer/dryer, dining table and seating for six.
  • Restroom with roll top bathtub, big shower, wc, whb, electric towel railway, under floor heating.


  • The two bed rooms upstairs have actually big velux house windows overlooking Rona and Skye and even towards the external Hebrides on an obvious time.
  • Bed room with two fold bed.
  • Bedroom with two single bedrooms.

Contained in the expense

  • Bed linens.
  • Electricity.
  • Ironing services.
  • Initial supply of logs.
  • Cot and large seat on demand.

Additional Expenses

  • Towels is provided, nevertheless there clearly was a £5.00 fee per ready.

Professional Water-supply

Water within residence is from a personal offer, this can be blocked and addressed, nevertheless may would like to deliver bottled water or boil liquid before ingesting.

Cellular Phone Reception

As a result of location cellular protection could be restricted and/or unavailable.

Good Housekeeping Deposit

An excellent Housekeeping Deposit of £75.00 is needed as of this property.

Regional Filling Facility

A residential area filling place is available in the village of Applecross, available 24/7 the pumps are automatic and accept credit and debit cards.

Most Readily Useful Features

  • Great seaside surroundings and wildlife from Whales to Sea Eagles
  • Real sign fire for boosting the cottage atmosphere
  • Secluded coastal cottage only 50 yards from coastline

Callakille Reviews

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Zoe Green
Evaluated this residential property on
And awarded it
Somewhat like Railway young ones we arrived in total darkness amid a galeforce storm. Mrs Viney had forgotten to light our fire too but we soon had the woodburner going. Wonderful few days in a truely beautiful an element of the globe. The cottage is very well-appointed and comfortable if somewhat nippy inside rooms. We are keen campers accustomed to cold noses but be aware there is absolutely no heating upstairs. Thank-you for sharing the Applecross peninsula, we love it.

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