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May 15, 2023
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About the Centre for Scotland’s Land Futures, based within Universities of Dundee and Stirling

The Centre for Scotland’s Land Futures brings together expertise from University of Dundee together with University of Stirling with extra partners and stakeholders from education industry (very early years to postdoctoral), the imaginative economic climate, the non-profit sector and social enterprise groups, in addition to history sector.

The Centre helps facilitate imaginative and educational collaboration among our staff, students, while the wider community, and showcases our revolutionary run examining Scotland’s land dilemmas within a broader British and European context previously, present and future.

We organize and host worldwide conferences and lecture show, events, analysis workshops, and several educational, policy-based and imaginative jobs. Working together with and developing partnerships with outside stakeholders is key to our objective and we also would particularly welcome new partnerships around the globe. Find out more about our partnerships. Follow us on Twitter in addition to Facebook web page.

If you'd like more info on please contact the Director, Dr Annie Tindley, or perhaps the Associate Director, Dr Alasdair Ross.


Dr Annie Tindley

Senior Lecturer in History, University of Dundee

Dr Annie Tindley completed her MA (2001), MSc by analysis (2002) and PhD (2006) in Scottish record at the University of Edinburgh, focusing the woman analysis regarding contemporary history of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. After a quick spell during the University of Aberdeen as a short-term lecturer, she worked from 2006 to 2013 at Glasgow Caledonian University as Lecturer after which Senior Lecturer, joining the University of Dundee in August 2013.

Dr Alasdair Ross

Senior Lecturer in Environmental and Medieval History, University of Stirling

I was mostly raised in Kincardineshire and in the morning a two fold graduate regarding the University of Aberdeen (History and Celtic). In 2003 We crossed the Mounth to your workplace as a research associate in Environmental History at University of Stirling and became a permanent employee in 2007. I was Director of Centre between 2009 and 2011 and I am a passionate proponent of field trips to share with desk-based analysis and training.

Professor Richard Oram

Head of class of Arts and Humanities, Professor of Environmental and Medieval History, University of Stirling

Throughout might work i've pursued a highly interdisciplinary method of teaching and research (attracting specifically on History, Archaeology, Art/Architectural background and Place-Name scientific studies), arising from my first degree back ground in Medieval background with Archaeology (MA (Hons) St Andrews, 1983) and my PhD (St Andrews 1988). A lot of my early study had a very good landscape focus, checking out themes of lordship, landholding and settlement record.

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Scotland land of History, Nature and Culture!!
Scotland land of History, Nature and Culture!!
Scotland - Land of the Brave
Scotland - Land of the Brave
Scotland The Land - The Dee
Scotland The Land - The Dee
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