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June 21, 2023
Become a Scottish Lord or Lady

By Steven McKenzie BBC Scotland Highlands and Isles reporter

picture caption a caution sign on MoD's Cape Wrath education area in Sutherland

A residential district team is vying with all the army for a square mile lot in Sutherland. But what motivates visitors to take control land they live on?

The Ministry of Defence owns 25, 000 acres (10, 117ha) at Cape Wrath in Sutherland, on Scotland's north-west coast.

It gives an important area for British and Nato military to coach when you look at the usage of real time tools, including 1, 000lb bombs dropped from jets.

The MoD desires to purchase about a square mile of land around Cape Wrath Lighthouse and create brand-new artillery and mortar jobs and troop accommodation.

Utilizing neighborhood right-to-buy legislation, Durness developing Group has signed up its interest in obtaining the land presently had because of the Northern Lighthouse Board.

The group claims historical structures, like a ruined sign place, will likely to be demolished and also the general public will additionally be prevented from making use of dazzling cliff paths, in the event that MoD receives the land.

John Ure, which runs a café beside the lighthouse, informed BBC Reporting Scotland which he ended up being amazed the military wished more territory.

He said: "The land appears to have already been sufficient for all of them since 1903.

"up to today they currently had 75 square kilometers of land. We question exactly what the importance is of using this last square mile."

The MoD confirmed it had been enthusiastic about the land and said it was additionally conscious that a community right-to-buy application was being posted into the Scottish federal government.

Another feasible neighborhood land buy-out could take place for more uncommon reasons - safeguarding the site around the globe Stone Skimming Championships.

The competition is held in a quarry from the area of Easdale, near Oban in Argyll, for 15 years.

But this year for the first time the landowner sought a land-use charge through the organisers.

Which owns Scotland?

  • Scotland has an overall total of 19, 469, 433 acres (7, 879, 000ha) of land and inland water (Source: Andy Wightman, land liberties campaigner and composer of The Poor Had No solicitors: which owns Scotland and how they started using it)
  • Complete land in public places industry ownership 2, 296, 166 acres (929, 225ha) as well as in exclusive fingers 15, 722, 287 miles (6, 362, 583ha) (Source: Andy Wightman)
  • Total land in neighborhood ownership is virtually 500, 000 acres (202, 343ha). The land hosts about 20, 000-30, 000 men and women (Source: Community Land Scotland)
  • The Crown home has 50percent of Scotland's foreshore and just about all the seabed off to 12 nautical miles. It has an outlying portfolio addressing 106, 255 miles (43, 000ha), which include forestry, farmland, five properties and 196 agricultural tenancies. The Crown Estate additionally owns properties in Edinburgh (Origin: Crown Estate)
  • Ministry of Defence training places feature 25, 000-acre (10, 117ha) Cape Wrath in Sutherland, 4, 700-acre (1, 902ha) at Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway and 2, 298-acre (930ha) Barry Buddon in the Tay Estuary (Source: Defence Infrastructure Organisation)
  • Charity nationwide Trust for Scotland is the owner of 200, 000 acres (80, 937ha) of countryside (Origin: NTS)

Argyll and Bute MSP Michael Russell said there clearly was now talk in your community about making a community bid for Easdale.

Mr Russell, that is additionally education secretary, informed BBC Radio Scotland: "I am neutral thereon."

But the SNP MSP added: "I do acknowledge this sharpens the debate in Scotland for neighborhood control over unique assets. The question has existed inside Highlands for most years - how can you make progress if you fail to get a grip on the assets around you?"

Mr Russell stated successful buy-outs such regarding the area of Gigha in 2002 as well as South Uist Estates in 2006 were good examples of just what communities could do.

He stated: "It is quite difficult to-do and is a lot of hard work, however it is something that can be acquired and there's a restored interest in it because some extra sources have already been placed on the table by the Scottish government."

Mr Russell included: "Not every community will attain it and not every community should achieve it. But it is a live concern and becomes much more are now living in situations such as for example these."

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Buying Land to Build Your Dream Home
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